Let’s know about bringapillow!

What is BringaPillow?

BringaPillow is the iOS & Android based dazzling dating application. Here you can discover a people you like while crossing a path or walking on the street or café or restaurant.

What do you have to do to search the pillow?

Just download this application, and register yourself or access directly through Facebook. Set the distance margin in miles and select your desired age limit. When fellow pillows come in the range of your set distance you will receive a notification. You can send a request or accept a request to start the dating. If you won’t find your interest then there is blocking option is also available.

Is it free to download?

Yes! It is absolutely free to download, visit our website http://bringapillow.com/ to pacify your curiosity. We are compatible with Android and iOS platform users.

When can you visit Pillow’s profile?

When pillow comes across your range, you can visit their profile and view their basic information such as a name, age, mobile number, email-id, and many more things.

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How to create a personalized account on BringaPillow?

Sign-up through the options suits you the best; to sign-up you can register yourself by submitting the detail you ask for or directly accessible through the Facebook

How to register?

  • 1. Download the application from the iOS or Android app store or visit our site http://bringapillow.com/
  • 2. Tap on login with a phone number to proceed further
  • 3. Submit the basic detail you asked for
  • 4. Permit the information access to the Pillow

Leave the rest & find the best for you to start dating!

Register with Facebook!

  • 1. Download the BringaPillow application for iOS and Android from an app store
  • 2. Tap to Login with Facebook account
  • 3. It only uses your account to log in and never access your Facebook account
  • 4. Permit the Bringapillow to access the required data

Now start dating!

Do I have to specify the location?

Yes! Enabling your mobile application will help you to find the matches near you. It will perfectly locate the distance and discover the perfect dating partner for you.

Is it accessible on Android and iOS?

We feel privileged to let you know that Pillow is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms

Activity projection of BringaPillow!

How to start dating on Pillow?

Ones you come across the person of your mentioned age and within your guided distance then, you can send the request to them or else your fellow pillow can also send you the request

Once your request gets accepted you can send a message or can do video call to your dating partner.

How to approach or message on Pillow?

It is a very fascinating mobile dating application; its location specification will proclaim to communicate with the local users wherever you go. Mutual interest among the two BringaPillow users allowed chatting.

Won’t you use this app? Then start using and swiping to find you’re dating partner.

Can I report or Block someone?

A pillow has given this privilege to every user because dating is the matter of choice, if you won’t find interest in dating that particular person or if you encounter any other issue then you can block that person.

What are the beneficial aspects of the BringaPillow?

Once you start using this dating application you can come across some interesting people and bring people together. It will enhance your social experience and improve your networking.

Don’t waste time, download now & start swiping!

Matching & messaging

How do I find a dating partner?

It’s quite easy to find dating partners on Pillow (Download & follow the registration steps), just set the distance and age on your application and search the partner on your given circumference.

How to send a message?

On BringaPillow Android & iOS friendly application we have provided a chat box for messaging. Even you can do a video chat on this app. Only your mutual pillow can send or receive a message i.e., if you received a pillow request and accepted it then only you are able to message that individual and vice-versa.

Menu – my pillow - Chat

How do I unmatched someone?

Note that when you unmatched someone that person disappears from your pillow list and they won’t be able to message or contact you anymore.

Where do I see who send me a pillow?

In the application, tap on the menu bar where you can see you’re pending requests and can see people who send you a pillow. Until you accept it, the person is not allowed to chat or connect with you; they can only see your basic profile information.

How do I report someone?

Users can report the person that you’ve matches with, or you haven’t match with. We always give priority to our client’s security, if you find something wrong want or you come across some suspicious users then report immediately.

How do I view a profile?

From your connection page, you can view any connection from where you can see the profile of the person available in your arena. From the thumbnail, you can view their photos and basic profile information.

My profile & account setting

How do I update & Edit my profile?

Go on Edit Profile - my profile tab - edit profile detail Add a Profile Photo: Tap on the Edit profile then tapping on adding a profile photo and select the one from your Photo gallery. By tapping on the thumbnail, you can even preview your image. Remove: go on edit profile then tap on remove membership the profile photo you wanted to delete.

How can I change my primary photo?

Throughout the application your first photo in the uploaded pictures will be your primary photo, to replace it you have to drag another photo to the first position. You can repeat this step whenever you want.

Is it possible to change my search preferences?

Yes, off-course! & you can do it whenever and wherever you want. For that just the distance and age range in your BringaPillow application and certainly you open to your nearby locality.

How do I edit my description?

To edit your profile info Go on Edit Profile-My profile-Edit profile detail in about me section

How do I turn on/off push notifications?

From the My Profile tab, tap on “Settings”, then tap the Notification from there go on allow notification access.

How do I delete my account?

From my profile (far right tab), tap into Settings, tap on Account and then on menu bar Deletes Account. Follow the prompts, and tap delete account. Your account is now deleted.

Can I hide from other Pillow?

Yes, there is hide and unhide options are available on menu bar from where you can make yourself accessible or inaccessible.